Monday, June 28, 2010

The Neverending Toy Story...2

I have now seen Toy Story 2 at least 20 times. For this, I thank my nephews. Or, in reality, Nathan. God forbid we watch any other "showwwww" besides Toy Story 2. I even volunteered to go rent the original Toy Story! No such luck.

So anyway, it really got me thinking about how much I think Toy Story is overrated. It's a good Disney/Pixar film for sure, but nowhere near my favorite.

Which brings me to my awesome thing for Monday... Disney Movies, and my top 5!

1. Peter Pan. I absolutely adore all the music in this movie. Actually, I love all the music in ALL Peter Pan movies. I just enjoy the story of the boy who never grew up and his adopted mother. Oh, and obviously the jealous fairy. What good would this story be if not for Tinkerbell? She's obviously got it so bad for Peter Pan.

It'll never work, Tink...The pixie dust would just get in the way.
2. Robin Hood. I've explained before that I enjoy anything and everything that has to do with Robin Hood.

What if I married someone named Robin? That would be sweet... though I guess nowadays that's more of a girl's name...

...It would still be awesome.

3. Beauty and the Beast - This is by far my favorite Disney Princess. For one, she looks like me :), two, she likes to read, and three, she ends up with the not so great looking one but goes for love... that's just admirable.

Plus, I love yellow. Her dress is yellow! I really wish there was such an occasion that I could wear that exact dress to.

4. Sleeping Beauty - Now, in reality this movie used to terrify me as a child. That witch is a major bitch! She's definitely the worst looking and scariest villain of all Disney films, in my opinion.

Anyways, I grew up and watched this a couple years ago after my fear of the dark and scary witches went away... well, ALMOST went away. It was quite enjoyable. Now, I love it. The music is absolutely beautiful.

5. There are so many reasons why I love the Lion King. The music, Lions are pretty much my favorite animals (the only ones that beat them are elephants), and there are even elephants in this movie! Anyways, I just love this movie and could watch it over and over again...

Perhaps I should bring this over next time I babysit.

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  1. I haven't read blogs in a while, so I am just reading this now. We actually own Toy Story as well. lol But what's even funnier is you let a 2 year old tell YOU what you were going to do for a weekend. His dream come true ;-)