Tuesday, June 8, 2010

run? ran? raced?

I'm supposed to be running a 5k this Saturday. Let's focus on why that sounds like a good idea to me. One, this is not my first 5k, quite the contrary. I have raced (ran?) (run?) many 5ks . I know how to do it. I know how to pace it. Two, I am more in shape now than I have been in a long while, so why not? Three, my entire family usually runs this race. It's a family affair. I haven't ran it in 5 years, I think. This means I'm ruining the family tradition. Fourth, I want to see if I can still do it.

Ok so there's the reasons why running this race on Saturday sounds like a good idea. Now, let's focus on why it's probably NOT such a great idea. One, I've been saying that I'm going to run this for six months now. In those six months, I was supposed to start training at LEAST a month ago. Have I? Not one bit. I've been on my lazy ass doing absolutely nothing.(I work a LOT! I have two jobs! Don't Judge me!) Two, Due to lack of training, I will most likely fall over and die/not finish the race/walk the entire thing... which is a problem.

So you see? I am in a pickle. Though it seems more logical that I stay home, eat my chocolate cake and s'mores and wait for the FAM to get back from the race, there seems to be more pros than cons listed up there. So, I am running a race on Saturday. This will be my first race since October, 2006.

So I'm going to need a lot of luck, and perhaps some perseverance on my end. (Oh, and maybe the ability to get off my ass this week and at least semi try to prepare, a little bit at least)

(...I really hope I don't die)

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  1. Here is some motivation for you, at least you will beat me no matter how poorly you do! I am determined to do this thing. Will I fall over and die? Yes. There is no question in that, but I am going to do it, even though it *will* kill me :-)