About Me

My name is Marian. I live in good old Ohio where the weather can not decide whether it wants to be cold, warm, hot, humid, dry, you name it. I say I'll move somewhere someday, where it doesn't snow and is warm all the time where I can have a tan year round. Chances are, I won't. I do love the Buckeye state, as much as I say I don't. In Ohio, we get as close to professional sports championships as possible without actually winning. This frustrates me. I smile like people are paying me to do it. If you don't smile and laugh at yourself, life will get you nowhere. It really bothers me when people don't use their, they're, and there correctly.

I have 6 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 sister-in-laws (soon to be 3), 2 nephews, and 2 nieces. I love having a huge family. Every single one of them is absolutely amazing, and there's always someone to talk to.

I love hugs; I love kisses more. I have no idea if I used that semi colon correctly and I will probably never figure them out. I'm weird, that's putting it lightly. I make up words like I'm writing my own dictionary, I don't think Brad Pitt is as attractive as everyone says he is, and I will eat an entire box of popsicles in one sitting. I have a great fondness for dip, any kind of dip really. I make new recipes all the time. I love cookies and cake, but I hate baking.

I believe that with God, all things are possible. They may be hard, and you might have to learn a huge lesson from it, but God would not throw something our way we couldn't handle.

I am this huge sucker/believer for happy endings and fairy tales coming true. I enjoy watching romance movies and romantic comedies because I like to believe that life could be just as cute. I get carried away with simple acts of chivalry when it comes to guys, because I don't think the act of chivalry will ever be dead. This makes me a sucker, I know. I have accepted it.

My favorite number is 2. I like things being in pairs, or even numbers. This makes me a tad bit OCD, I understand that.

I am sassy.

I also know more about Harry Potter than need be, can knit, and enjoy lying on grass.