Monday, June 14, 2010


My Awesome Monday is... 
Finishing races and getting runners high.

I have officially run my first 5K since high school, (3.5 years, btw)  finished it, and did not die! This is a good thing.

Next Up: Lodi Corn Festival 5K
Goal: 29:59 or better
Date: July 17

I didn't prepare for the Bob Bridges. I will train or at least start running every day for the Lodi Corn Festival and I will break 30.

My Race Blog:

Relationship: Big Brother
Relationship: Big Brother
Relationship: Honorary Big Brother (aka I've known and loved him so long I call him a big brother)

7:07 - Start of Race
7:09 - Damn I'm out of breath
7:10 - Dave, you said you were going to stay with me and run this damn thing. Ass  (this is after he sprinted ahead of Sara and I to catch up with Anthony) what a loser.
7:13 - Sara, this is insane. Why are we doing this again?
7:14 - OK, setting the pace... I can breathe again. All is well.
7:16 - Hello mile marker 1! Third of the way done!
7:20 - Why the hell is this whole effing race slightly uphill! My calves are killing me. I will walk.
7:22 - Oh, great. There's some youth group kiddies. I'm not a wimp, I promise! Lengthen stride to look bad-ass.
7:24 - Damn you stomach, I should not have consumed so much water.
7:26 - Hello mile marker #2! More than halfway done.
7:27 - Full out power walking now, trying to hide the fact that I'm walking.
7:28 - Full out walking... to hell with pretending. YES! I'm a wimp! I'd like to see YOU run this race, overweight man sitting in his front lawn in his comfy chair laughing at me.
7:31 - Maybe I should start running again, I'm almost at the finish. If I am not out of breath, my brothers will think I'm wimpy.
7:33 - Yeah scratch that, I'll just sprint for a little while right before I turn the corner. That'll work.
7:35 - MARIAN! I came to run you in! (Mike)
7:36 - Mike, I'm about to fucking vomit...( I really don't swear... honest. Well, maybe sometimes, when I'm drunk... or running)
7:37 - Woah, Marian. Watch the language.
7:38 - MARIAN! We came to run you in! (Dave)
7:38:59 - I will kill you... both. (a sort of super hero punch was given by me at this moment, which involved taking both my arms and throwing punches to either side of me) Kind like the Karate kid did here ------------------->
7:40 - Finish, punch my brothers again, visit with friends, smell really bad.

The End of my Bob Bridges Memorial Run Adventure.

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