Friday, June 4, 2010

TGIF... & Also WTF?

There is so much wrong with these pictures. On so many levels. This really makes me lose faith in my generations knowledge of what a "FANTASTIC" film is. Let's just get this straight, fantastic films are like those listed below... See disclaimer #1. Let's just say, the only reason these movies make money is because girls think that the epitome of love and all that is good and holy in this world is Edward Cullen. Or as our Blue dress clad girl up there is showing, Jacob Black.

I don't know about you, but I'm DIEING to let Edward smell me, hoping against all hope that I smell better than Bella Swan, and also hoping that he might kiss me until he wants to bite my neck and suck my blood until it runs dry, COULD I BE SO LUCKY? See disclaimer #2

I mean really, girls. Have you no pride? Do you not realize that Edward Cullen and Jacob Black and ALL THAT EXISTS IN THE TWILIGHT WORLD IS FAKE!? I mean, sometimes I wonder about the sanity of my generation, that's all I'm saying. Taking a CARDBOARD CUTOUT TO PROM? You are forever going to be "THAT girl". The one who's a psycho maniac, the one who thinks a fictional character is real, the one who brought a fake date to prom. Losers. Sorry, it's what you are.

Now, I mean nothing against Twilight. I find the books and the movies entertaining, though the movies lack in any sort of acting skills whatsoever, unless you're talking about Billy Burke. & Don't even get me started on Kristen Stewart and her acting skills. I mean nothing against them, the hype is just getting ridiculous. Please stop, for everyone's sake. Thank you.

  1. Please note I mean nothing against Twilight, but the movies suck. Albeit slightly entertaining, they lack the substance of an actual good film. (Also-Harry Potter beats Twilight. END OF STORY.)
    1. Gone with the Wind
    2. The Wizard of Oz
    3. ANYTHING with Katherine Hepburn
    4. Or Audrey, for that matter.
    5. Forrest Gump
    6. The Shawshank Redemption
    7. Star Wars - The ones made in the 70s-80s.
    8. Casablanca
    9. Braveheart
    10. The Patriot
  2. Any and all of the above... now those are quality. Watch them. Love them.
I don't actually feel this way. In case you didn't get the sarcasm obviously dripping from these comments. The fact is, I really think Edward just wants to eat Bella.

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