Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plasma: A Love Story

So I was at the Plasma Bank yesterday, which I understand is a new college low for me, so don't make fun.

While at the Plasma Bank, I couldn't help but notice that there was an odd couple there.

Now, I shouldn't call them an odd 'couple'. They were obviously not together and seemed to have just met. I call them a couple for lack of a better term to call two people. So I suppose I could say "I couldn't help but notice these two people". This phrase, however, doesn't give them the right kind of description either because they were more a 'couple' than they were not. (yes, I am aware that my logic usually doesn't make any sense)

Anyways, I am off topic.

So I meet these two people (couple, whatever) at the Plasma Bank. I happened to sit next to the man, who eventually introduced himself as Nate. The woman was on my other side. I can't remember her name at the moment; let's call her Kate (just for kicks, since it rhymes with Nate).

Side Note: People are exceptionally nice at the Plasma bank.

So I have Kate on my left side, and Nate on my right side. The first thing I notice about both of these people is that they are much more, shall I say, attractive? Than most people I meet at the Plasma bank. (I know this sounds extremely judgmental, but I can't help but notice that most people at the Akron Plasma Bank are missing teeth, have uncombed hair, or haven't bathed in awhile). So automatically I notice that Kate and Nate seem to be properly bathed, combed their hair, and seemed to come from some type of office job as they were both "business casual" dressed. After taking in this quick assessment of their appearance, I came to the conclusion that they were about my age, maybe a little older. There were definitely between the ages of 20-25.

So Kate, Nate, and I sit there bull-shitting for a good fifteen minutes when I start to notice Nate leaning in closer when Kate talked. Kate would do the same thing back and the eye contact was out of control between the two of them. The flirting started, and I notice that Kate was better at it than Nate was. She was batting her eyelashes, laughing too hard at jokes that aren't funny, and unnecessarily touching him when he'd say something exceptionally “interesting”. (It almost made me sick, or laugh out loud, either of the two) Being in the middle of this situation, my initial reaction was feeling extremely out of place and awkward. By impulse though, my mind starts to wander and I daydream the following:

Plasma: A Love Story
Imagine this, Kate and Nate start dating, a couple years go by, Nate proposes, they get married. End of story. The funny part is where my brain took me throughout this whole “what if?” story about Nate and Kate going through my head.
What if #1
Kate and Nate exchange numbers and go out on a date after their initial Plasma Bank encounter.
What if #2
This date leads to another date, which leads to another, which leads to them dating for a year. At this year anniversary, they commemorate the occasion by donating plasma because that’s where they “fell in love at first sight”.
What if #3
This one year anniversary leads to a 2 year anniversary, which leads to a proposal of marriage. Nate decides that proposing at the Akron Plasma Bank is an awesome idea because that’s where they first met. He buys the ring, gets down on one knee, and has the really cool announcer man say “Kate, will you marry me.” In his awesome announcer type voice (This guy should seriously be on the radio or giving play-by-plays on football games – he’s that good) (Side note: Nate, Kate, and I actually discussed this while sitting there. This is partly the reason why it got into my story. They think he’s awesome too.)
What if #4
After all these years of donating plasma and falling in love with each other, Kate and Nate have a child. 12 years later this child asks his/her mom and dad how they met. Nate and Kate decide to let him/her in on the Plasma Bank love story. The child is speechless, and starts wondering if she’ll get her own Plasma Bank love story one day.
What if #5
After all those years of revisiting where they met, they tell the story and I'M in it!? I am the annoying girl sitting between them who was getting in the way of everything.

No joke, this is where my brain took me after they started flirting. I have no control over this at all. I am aware that I’m unusual and my brain gets carried away. One day, in their Plasma Bank Love Story, Kate and Nate will tell their children that I was the person sitting between them, getting right in the way of all their conversations and all their flirting/number exchanging (which actually did happen, eventually. The number exchanging that is). I will be part of an epic love story.

Good day, and thank you for wasting time on my ridiculous blog, I hope it made you laugh.

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